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Twitter tweets for Colorblends
October 24th Colorblends
Delivery to zone 7A starts this week. Colder zones delivering fast, in 2 to 6 business days in most cases. t
October 23rd Colorblends
2 months Fall + 3 months Winter = Spring t
October 22nd Colorblends
Spring is only 5 months away. t
October 21st Colorblends
How many spring bulbs will be planted in America this week? There is a prize for the first person with the correct answer. Within 99 please t
October 13th Colorblends
RT @mw44118: My tulip and narcissus bulbs from @colorblends just arrived and they came with some really cool drink coasters. Clever marketing! t
October 11th Colorblends
Problems with deer, elk, moose, mule deer, goats? Plant daffodils. They won't touch them and come back every year when planted in the sun. t
October 9th Colorblends
Indian Summer: we are shipping zones 4,5,6. Wait for cooler temps to plant. 7,8,9 your tulips are chillin'. Everyone else start digging. t

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