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Fantastic Asiatic Lily Planting How To Videos

Planting Asiatic Lily Bulbs

Great tips on planting Asiatic Lilies from Green Fingers Guides. It's best to plant your bulbs as soon as possible after purchase. Plant the right way up, with the roots on the bottom. Plant them at two to three times their own depth. Bulbs need to be firm, if they are squashy throw them away.

Gardening Tips : How to Grow Asiatic Lilies

Yolanda Vanveen of Vanveen Bulbs shows how to grow Asiatic lilies in a pot. Asiatic lilies bloom in May or June. They are not fragrant. Plant your lily bulbs three inches deep in groups of three or more in a triangle pattern. This is true if you are planting in pots or the ground. Put the container in a sunny location and leave them until they bloom. After blooming chop the stem down half way. Once the stems turn brown cut them down completely.

Orange Asiatic Lily

Here is a close up look at one beautiful orange Asiatic lily bloom.

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