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Tips for Using Roundup ® in Your Garden

I have been using roundup in my gardens for years. You spray roundup on weeds and they shrivel up and die. The great thing about Roundup ® is that it goes down into the roots. This means the weed really is completely dead, and won't come back as it might if you pulled it out of the ground, yet didn't get all of the roots.

Here are a few tips I use when using Roundup® weed and grass killer, which is made by The Scotts Miracle Grow Company. Be sure to fully read and follow the instructions on the package label.

You spray Roundup ® on weeds to kill them. If you spray Roundup ® on plants you like it will also kill them. So, I find it best to use it only on a very still day when there is no wind at all. A big gust of wind can turn spraying a weed into spraying your flower bed.

Sometimes you have a plant you like very close to a nasty weed. In that case I might see if using a piece of cardboard to protect the good plant will enable me to spray the weed. If that doesn't seem to be a safe solution I will actually use a small paint brush to dab Roundup ® only on the weed. This may take multiple applications, but I have had it work.

If you do accidentally spray a plant you do not want to kill you should rinse that plant off with a lot of water. When I have done this quickly, and used enough water, I have saved the plant I accidentally sprayed.

I see that Roundup ® is now "rainproof", but I find that it works best if you have not had rain in a while, and will not have rain for a while. In my experience, if weeds are dry they will really pull the liquid into their system. I have heard that plants can go sort of dormant if they are extremely dry, which might keep them from properly absorbing anything. I do not recall ever having it fail because the weeds were too dry to absorb it, but perhaps it can happen. There are a lot more types of Roundup ® than there used to be, so you defiantly want to follow the instructions on the label.

They sell Roundup ® in both premixed and concentrate. The premixed is more convenient, and also a smaller quantity. The concentrate is cheaper if you need a lot and don't mind mixing it yourself. They both work perfectly. I believe you do need a spray bottle if you buy the concentrate, so maybe it is best to start with the premixed.

They also sell different types of Roundup ®. I normally use the regular, but I have used the special Tough Brush formula on some small trees I wanted to be sure did not come back after cutting them down and it worked really well.

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