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Fantastic Water Gardening How To Videos

Garden Girl TV: Building a Water Garden

Patti Moreno from GardenGirltv shows how to install a pond in your garden. She uses materials that are easy to find including a pond liner, stone dust, topsoil, stone, a small pump and filter system, rubber hoses, gravel, and a frog spout. Around the pond she plants sweet potato vine, mint, echinacea, toothache plant, blue fescue, yarrow, and clematis. In the pond she puts a variety of water irises.

My Little Water Garden

Eric Mah shows how he built a very simple water garden with an old pot, a vase, a few fish, water plants, and some lighting. This is a small garden suitable for a small space, such as the apartment balcony shown here.

Aquascape Water Gardens, Water Features & Koi Ponds

Aquascape showcases a few amazing garden ponds, including ones with waterfalls, koi, bridges, gazebos, and very impressive plantings.

How to build a pond water garden part 1

The first in a series on building a fairly sizeable pond from Pondmarket. This film shows the work that goes into getting the hole right for a big pond. There is a ledge at less than a foot deep all the way around to accommodate marginal plants, a shallow section which slopes into a deep section, which slopes into an even deeper section for waste collection, a area for the skimmer, and a place for the filter.

How to Install a Rigid Liner - The Home Depot

From the Home Depot, here is a video on selecting and placing a rigid liner pool. This video covers the basics on rigid and flexible liners, and the pros and cons of each. It also covers the basic tools you need to install a rigid liner - the rigid liner, a shovel, a trowel, sand, and a level. Excellent basics to create your own little water garden. Seems as though a lot of the work is getting your liner to be level.

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